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In 2000, owners, Larry & Nelda Read, helped bring a 1,200-gallon tropical tank to the Lee Read Dream Store. Now, a small piece of the ocean is just minutes from your home. With dozens of colorful, tropical fish and over multiple species of coral, you'll be amazed by our small piece of the ocean - right here in Idaho.

Q and A:

Q: How BIG is the Lee Read Aquarium?
A: The Lee Read Aquarium is housed in a huge tank that measures 12ft long x 4ft wide x 3 ft tall.

Q: What is the Lee Read Aquarium MADE of?
A: It is made of 3/4-inch Star Fire Glass, which is almost invisible and allows the vibrant colors of the fish and coral to shine right into the room.

Q: How much H20?
A: The Lee Read Aquarium holds 1200 gallons of salt water and one time. Just one gallon of water weighs 8.5 pounds, so the total weight of the Lee Read Aquarium is approximately 10,000 pounds - over five tons!

Q: What do the fish eat?
A: The fish are fed a combination of natural algae, dried seaweed and brine shrimp at least once per day.

Q: Where do you get saltwater in Idaho?
A: It comes in a box. We buy salt in dry form and mix it with filtered water. We add enough salt to make about 50 gallons of saltwater every week.

Q: How often is the aquarium cleaned?
A: The aquarium has a very extensive filtration system that helps keep the water clean. In fact, in order to keep the water clean, every hour, over 6,000 gallons of salt water are cycled through the tank.

The GLASS is cleaned three times per week with two large magnets.

Q: Who takes care of the Lee Read Aquarium?
A: WE DO! We have never had an outside service to come in to care for our tank. We do it ourselves!

Q: Is it a lot of work to up-keep the aquarium?
A: Yes! We spend at least an hour a day working on the aquarium and keeping the water at the correct pH levels.