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In House Jewelry Service and Repair At Lee Read, we believe that you should not have to wait days, weeks, or even months to have your jewelry serviced or repaired. We also believe that you should expect your jewelry to serviced or repaired ON-SITE and not sent out to a 3rd-Party.

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CONFIDENCE: Knowing where your jewelry is; is probably one of the most important aspects of picking a jeweler. At Lee Read, our In-House Repair Center is able to provide you with that confidence. You can actually watch your jewelry being repaired at Lee Read. With our Repair Center in full view at all times, watch some of the best jewelers in the industry work at their craft.

CONVENIENCE: The convenience of having In-House Goldsmiths cannot be beat. Not only can you be wearing your new Lee Read Diamond, many times within an hour but for standard care and maintenance, most services are can be performed within a couple days and many times “While You Wait”.

Does your Jeweler have to send your jewelry out? A full service jeweler should be able to offer you goldsmith services in their store, at all times. If they have to send your jewelry out to have basic servicing done, how long are you going to be without your jewelry?

How long? How Much? Always ask your jeweler how long basic adjustments and repairs take and how much they cost: “How long to size my ring?”, “How long to solder my rings together?” “How long to re-rhodium plate my ring?”, “How long to tighten my diamonds?”, etc.