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Lee Read, Idaho’s Diamond Jeweler is family-run and locally operated Full Service Fine Jewelry Store. Founded by Lee and Maxine Read in 1963, we have grown from a 500 square foot jewelry shop in Downtown Boise to the 10,000 square foot Diamond Dream Store, located in the center of the Treasure Valley.

Currently owned by Larry & Nelda Read, Lee Read Jewelers is run and operated by sisters, Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel Read.

With the selection of 5 to 6 small jewelry stores combined, we are a Full Service Fine Jewelry Store specializing in diamonds and diamond jewelry. We want shopping for your diamond to be more than some clerk asking you about the 4 Cs.

Everything at Lee Read is here for a reason, from the 1200-gallon Aquarium, the Kids Room, a FULL SERVICE Jewelry Service and Repair Center, the only American Gem Society Gem Laboratory in the State of Idaho. Your shopping experience will truly be that, “An Experience”

We believe in selling gorgeous diamonds for phenomenal values. We provide PREMIUM quality at DO-ABLE prices.

Our Goal: To have you like us just as much AFTER you buy your jewelry as when you’re buying it.