Custom Design

Custom Design and Counter Sketch

When it comes time to finding that perfect, new piece of jewelry, sometimes you need to tailor one JUST FOR YOU … and YES! We do that !

At Lee Read Jewelers, you can have a piece of jewelry Custom Designed and made just for you. Our professional Jewelry Consultants can tailor hundreds of designs using high tech computer software called Counter Sketch.

Counter Sketch

It’s an amazing program that allows you take an existing design and “tweak” it just enough so that it’s EXACTLY what you are looking for. OR, we can take details of multiple pieces you like and incorporate them into a single, completely original piece of jewelry made JUST FOR YOU. YES!

Custom Design

  • Custom-1-Wax
  •  Custom-2 (Wax)
  • Custom-3 (Cast)
  • Custom-4 (Cast)
  • Custom-5 (Display)

If you already own the diamonds or gemstones, we can incorporate them in to whatever design you choose. Most custom designed jewelry is completed within 3 to 4 weeks. Your design can be crafted in gold, white gold, or platinum.

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