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Welcome to Lee Read Jewelers

Idaho's Diamond Jeweler

Why Is Lee Read, Idaho’s Diamond Jeweler?

At Lee Read, we know you want a great value in everything you buy and that goes double when you are picking out the perfect diamond.
Specializing in diamonds and diamond jewelry, hundreds of thousands of Idahoans have experienced the exhilaration of giving the one they love a small, beautifully wrapped box sealed with the Lee Read Gold Seal.

Ask any of your friends who own a Lee Read Smile.  They’ll tell you it is a fun place to shop; no hype, no pressure, and no EXTRA charges … Simply a great value and an unforgettable experience.

Finding your perfect diamond can be an amazing experience.  At, Lee Read, the fun and excitement start as soon as you walk through the doors of the Lee Read Diamond Dream Store.

As Idaho’s Diamond Jeweler, we are dedicated to delighting and amazing our guests and we know that our guests look to us for good advice, innovative styling, good value, and an unforgettable experience.

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